Alan Dewey
S.D.I. Underwater Photography Instructor
Clearwater, Florida

This is the book I did the research for. I went to M.I.T., scoured Dudley's laboratory notebooks, filed some Freedom of Information Act Requests, and interviewed dozens of former colleagues. It was very enjoyable, and, fascinating, three years full-time research.

Because I normally only write technical reports, Douglas and I teamed up with Iain Dey to write this 100% factual scientific thriller / mystery history in a fascinating way that does not require any knowledge of physics or electronics. The book is to be released in U.S.A. October 16, but you can order now.

Be sure to carry your book and a pen around with you so that when you run into me I can autograph it for you. We will be scheduling signing events so that you can get autographs from Iain and Douglas as well.

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Attention all certified divers; hire a professional to introduce you to southeast Florida's spectacular reefs, wrecks, drift dives and boat dives!

Not familiar with our dive sites? dive procedures? boat diving? drift diving? reefs? artificial and natural wrecks?  We are !

Are you looking for a rent-a-buddy diving program?  Instead of just looking for a dive buddy (with unpredictable experience) you should consider hiring a professional dive guide.  Whether you are just looking for a dive-buddy, someone to help you carry your gear, a buddy to help you with your photography or videography, a professional Dive Master will work hard to enhance your scuba diving experience.

Your dive guide will:

  • Give an overall orientation to the dive site
  • Describe the local protocols for identifying divers in the area - flags etc.
  • Discuss dive control in current - drift dives and wreck dives
  • Review procedures for conditions such as unexpected weather changes during the dive
  • Provide you with confidence to enter the water and return to the boat per the particular boat procedure(s)
  • Discuss local procedures for use of surface marker buoys
  • help load and unload equipment, help stow your gear properly on the boat
  • assist divers into and out of the water - whether using the backward roll entry or the giant stride entry from a platform.
  • assist with underwater photography

When you hire a personal dive guide, he is committed to you first.  From parking to gear rinsing, your personal dive guide strives to make your Palm Beach diving experience more pleasant and memorable.

DiveMasterDewey does not do wreck penetrations, nor dive any cavern, nor overhead environment diving. 

Contact information is on the home page.

Other services we can offer:

  • Boat Recommendations and bookings
  • Recommendations for lodging and dining
  • Hauling your gear
  • Arrangements for parking
  • Familiarity with local dining and entertainment

*Underwater communications is one-way; you will hear your guide.  Two way communications is possible only with divers trained in use of full-face masks.

Our privacy policy is here.

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