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Clearwater, Florida

This is the book I did the research for. I went to M.I.T., scoured Dudley's laboratory notebooks, filed some Freedom of Information Act Requests, and interviewed dozens of former colleagues. It was very enjoyable, and, fascinating, three years full-time research.

Because I normally only write technical reports, Douglas and I teamed up with Iain Dey to write this 100% factual scientific thriller / mystery history in a fascinating way that does not require any knowledge of physics or electronics. The book is to be released in U.S.A. October 16, but you can order now.

Be sure to carry your book and a pen around with you so that when you run into me I can autograph it for you. We will be scheduling signing events so that you can get autographs from Iain and Douglas as well.

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Scuba Diving Shipwrecks in southeast Florida

There are many choices of shipwrecks to dive in the Palm Beach county area of Florida.  Scuba diving on shipwrecks is fascinating, educational, and relaxing.  Scuba diving at shipwrecks offers excellent opportunity to observe a great variety of wildlife with little or no swimming, and provides excellent conditions for photography and videography.

Is diving on a wreck difficult?

Diving a wreck does not have to be difficult.  Some wrecks are suitable for newer divers, some wrecks should only be dove by highly trained divers.  Fortunately, right here in the Palm Beach area of southeast Florida there is a complete range of wrecks for you to dive.

For example, the Copenhagen is a natural wreck that is only 35 feet deep and usually has great visibility.  Another wreck that is not very deep is The Ancient Mariner, which lies in water only 70 feet deep.  Both of these are suitable for newly certified divers during good weather.  A popular artificial wreck is the Sea Emporer which was a barge intentionally sunk near Boca Raton.  There are occasions when the current is a bit intimidating for newer divers, but it is also a great place to see many sting rays.  If you are not experienced diving artificial and natural wrecks, you may enjoy your diving more if you hire a guide to personally dive with you.

For those that are not-so-new divers, we also have the priviledge of diving wrecks such as The Captain Tony, the United Carribean, and many more.  These wrecks are as much as 110 feet deep.  These are very enjoyable scuba diving experiences which require only a 20 to 30 minute boat ride from the dock to the dive site.  We also provide dive-guide services to recreational divers on these wrecks.  Our underwater communications option allows us to point out features of the wreck and enhance your comfort level.

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